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Revamp your kid’s bedroom without spending a fortune

Looking to revamp your child’s bedroom without breaking the bank? You don’t need a big budget to create a space your little ones will adore. There are plenty of affordable options out there to give a fresh new look to a child’s room. Take a look at some of our suggestions below. Wall decoration Let’s […]

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Christmas gift ideas for kids

Starting to make that Christmas present list? Shopping for youngsters doesn’t have to be hard. You know kids – they love anything. But if you want to earn the ‘best present, ever’ title, it just takes a little bit of thought… and a touch of creativity. Choosing a Christmas present Whether your child has been […]

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Nursery Toy Ideas for the Expecting Mum

Are you or someone you know expecting? Expecting a new baby is an exciting time for every mother and the whole family. As the due date gets closer everyone begins to scramble in preparation to ensure the nursery has everything in it that mum and baby need. Help ease the stress early. Nursery toys are […]

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Collectibles that your child will treasure

Remember back to when you were a kid…what was it that you treasured like no other? Was it a soft teddy bear or maybe a special china doll? Do you still have them now? Do you sometimes get flashbacks of the wonderful memories they bring up? Why not share those memories with your own children? […]

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Backyard Toys Encourage Outdoor Activity

Are the kids slumped in front of the television, computer or other electronic device? Are they impossible to get out the back door and into the backyard for quality outdoor activity? The answer is outdoor toys for kids. Give them fun things to do and you won’t have to encourage them to go outside instead […]

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Rainy Days with Stimulating Puzzle Play

It’s raining again. While it’s great for the garden and topping up the local reservoirs, when the kids are home it can create a dilemma. Outside play is out of the question as you don’t want them exposed to the cold, so how do you keep the kids busy when they are confined to the […]

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Kiddy Instruments Are Music to Your Ears

Build your child’s interest in music with their own musical instruments. Give them a chance to make some noise, experiment and most of all have fun on specialised toys. It also keeps them out of the pots and pans when they want to improvise. Music is Key to Your Child’s Development Did you know that […]

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Girl’s birthday presents by age

You’ve got a little girl’s birthday coming up, but what do you get her? Let’s have a look at some options for birthday presents for girls starting from age 1. Birthday presents for a 1-year-old girl In their first year, children are starting to master skills. You can help your little girl discover motor skills […]

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Educational, entertaining and engaging toys for children in Australia

Children learn through play. As children play, they learn to solve problems, to communicate with others and to develop the motor skills needed to develop and grow. Toys are great tools for play – they help children learn about the world and learn about themselves. Whatever age your child is, there are toys available to […]

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5 Tips for Flying With Your Kids

Doing anything with children in tow can be a tedious experience; this is especially true for travelling by air. Whether you are taking a trip across state or across the globe, children have lots of needs, wants and equipment to get through the trip. Before you book your next family holiday and take to the […]

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Tips for Road Tripping With Your Kids

As parents, most of us understand that children can be a handful. This is true throughout everyday life and all the fun activities that we love to do with our kids. If you are planning a road trip with your children, you’ve probably discovered that long drives and traveling with children can present some additional […]

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The Best Backpacks for the Artsy Child

While many parents are familiar with the wealth of sporting goods bags on the market for hauling balls, nets, shoes and other gear, many may not realise the benefit of arts and crafts backpacks which are becoming very popular for keeping your child organised and minimising mess. What to Look for in an Art Backpack The […]

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