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New Year? Teach Your Kids A New Skill!

Kids are always learning. You make your morning coffee and they start to mimic you in their playroom ‘kitchen.’ So, while you’re starting to implement your 2018 goals, why not add a few for your kids, too?

Make learning intentional by creating a list of skills you’d like to teach your kids – whether you’re the teacher, or their toys and other resources are. This will depend on the age of your children and where they’re currently at with their learning.

Don’t just think about tangible skills. There are also life skills, like teaching the value of sharing.

Combine Skill Teaching With Your Children’s Hobbies

When your three-year-old speaks, does he have trouble pronouncing his L’s? Why not spend 15 minutes every morning helping improve their pronunciation and vocabulary. There are plenty of resources online, such as tuning into a YouTube channel. Make language learning easy by providing the right conditions for development to take place. Buy books that have a combination of words and visuals. Read it out aloud with them so they learn how you say words.

Is your eight-year-old girl acting out? Teach them that good behaviour gets rewarded by investing in a behavioural magnetic star reward chart. At the same time, they’ll learn different types of housework, as everyone in the house takes charge of one job for the day. This will help to guide your child’s behaviour with positive reinforcement.

Be creative in the way you teach skills. See what you think they could benefit from learning, and look at toys to achieve this (not just as things that clutter the playroom).

Here’s a few other skills you can teach your kids:

  • Doing the laundry
  • Counting money and understanding its value
  • Planting a seed to grow a tree
  • Wrapping a gift
  • Painting or drawing
  • Preparing a simple meal
  • Cleaning or packing up items
  • Shopping for groceries and following a list

Think about what they’ve got coming up in their life. Are they going to kindy in the next year? Start introducing skills like the ability to share toys and playing nicely.

Check out our range of unique, educational toys. From books and wooden toys to pretend play costumes and musical instruments, our toys are designed to make learning fun.

It’s time go to back to those New Year resolutions and make a list for your family too!

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