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Get Your Kids Off Technology With These Interactive Toys

The times certainly are changing. When you were young, you’d climb trees, make sheet ‘forts’ and play in your neighbour’s backyard. Now? Kids these days often know more about technology than adults. And we don’t mean teenagers, but kids.

Three-year-olds know how to open an iPhone. Gadgets have become the new hot commodity in classroom halls. As a technology-conscious parent, you don’t have to boycott the new innovations altogether. They do offer great opportunities to consume information, engage with friends, and grow technical skills. But this should come later, maybe in their early teens – not when they’re still in their formative years.

Dedicate your full attention to them to avoid ‘occupying’ them with technology

The best thing you can do to encourage interactive kids’ toys is to put all technology out of sight. They’re more likely to want to play with the novelty iPhone over a puzzle if they can see it. Also, watch your own behaviour. Children learn through observation, so if you’re always on your phone, they’ll want what Mummy has.

The interactive educational toys that you choose will depend on your child’s age, interests, and skill development needs. Try to mix indoor and outdoor play time, then work your way back to determine which toys best suit the learning environment.

Is your child ‘discovering’ their hands? The best interactive toys for toddlers at this stage include building blocks sets, simple raised puzzles like this pet animal design, and cars and trucks, like this sort and tip garbage truck.

As your children get older, you can begin to introduce scheduled device time. This includes bigger screens like watching Netflix. Always follow up their screen time with a fun activity to ‘replace’ it. Do they have a favourite TV show right now? Why not take it ‘offline’ and have PeppaPig hour or Wiggles hour.

This could include themed books, dress ups and using other interactive toys to bring the setting to life. You’ll engage them easily and all the activities you plan can be full of opportunities to develop skills. Again, work backwards. Consider what they need assistance with, then craft your play time to focus on expanding it.

We sell unique toys that are geared towards learning. To encourage your kids to play without reaching for screens and remotes, the toys you choose are extremely important. Browse our large range of interactive baby and toddler toys.

You might just find you look forward to play time, too.

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