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10 Fun Kid’s Birthday Presents for Under $50

Want to rock the perfect kid’s gift that’ll make you the favourite aunt, uncle or BFF? It’s hard not to when they’re that cute.

But then you remember all the other gifts you’ve already got them. And you’re stuck for affordable, creative ideas.

We’ve all been there.

Well, guess what? There are inexpensive gifts for kids that are heartfelt, thoughtful, and fun. So the next time you find yourself searching for birthday gifts for kids, we hope this list ignites your own present-giving creativity.

Clever, cost-effective birthday presents for kids…

Keep your sanity (and your Saturday morning) by shopping online for great gift kids… or creating your own sentimental items.

  1. Crayons and a colouring book
    Super cheap and interactive, what kid doesn’t like to colour outside the lines? Encourage the growing artist with this simple two-part present.
  2. A new teddy
    While kids tend to be loyal to their ‘teddy’ or ‘bunny’, having a backup can’t hurt. And with one as cute as this plus bear, how could you not!
  3. A movie date
    Pay attention to what they’re into right now. Paw Patrol? Peppa Pig? Get Mum’s permission and take them on a movie day date. Depending on their age, they might even get in for free.
  4. Bath toys
    Is bubs having issues getting used to water? Make bath time fun by giving them a toy to play with, like this dinosaur kit.
  5. An event
    Kids love to be like the adults in their life. Let him be a “big boy” for the day and take him to a footy match. Or does she love the Wiggles? See if you can find tickets to a show for her to groove at.
  6. Show them what you do
    Are you always away for work? Explain to them what it’s like to travel, with something like this wooden aeroplane set.
  7. Plan a friend’s day
    Instead of planning a big birthday party, ask your little one to pick two friends for a fun play day, just for them. It’s a plus for the parents too, with no mess.
  8. Savings jar
    Teach them the magic of saving their money by using an adorable unicorn moneybox.
  9. Anything, personalised!
    Kids love pointing and saying, “That’s my name.” It can be anything really. A poster, teddy, plate or backpack. How creative can you get with this one?
  10. The tried and true sale section
    Still stuck for ideas? Just jump into the sales section and you’ll find something that resonates.

And where can you find unique, handmade brands with gorgeous gifts for children? Baby Vegas, of course.

But our curated products aren’t just fun to unwrap. They’re all educational in nature, so you can give your little ones the most important present of all… the gift of learning.

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