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How to Help Grow Your Child’s Confidence in Swimming

Even the most energetic, fearless toddler hesitates when brought to the pool. Learning to swim happens from a young age and it takes time for our little ones to find their feet (and strokes). As a parent, it’s an amazing milestone to watch your child develop this important, life-long skill.

Some kids adapt to pool time easier than others. Maybe you’re a beach-going family and water is second nature to your child. For others, being in or near the water is foreign to them. Either way, there are toys available to help increase their water confidence and make pool time something they look forward to.

Kids swimming educational toys

Toys can help build swimming skills for children. Take a look in our sand and water toy range to see which items can support them. Here are a few swimming toys we’d suggest.

PowerUp Boat Kit
Get them comfortable with tub time by adding fun toys like this paper boat kit. It comes with everything you need and the learning begins when you assemble the origami boat. It’s great for the bath and swimming pool.

SunnyLife Inflatable Beach Ball
No trip to the ocean is complete without a big, colourful beach ball to play with. The kids can play ‘volleyball’ and throw it around in the water.

Kaper Kidz Castle Beach Set
Who goes to the beach and doesn’t build a sand castle? No one. Make this your family’s favourite beach activity with ‘tools’ like this castle beach set. Children explore, create and stretch their imagination while building sandcastles. It also enhances their social skills, as you play together (and probably attract other families to join in).

Water will be their new favourite ‘play time’

Weekend trips to the beach, barbeques at friends’ pools and even adding a blow-up pool in your backyard are great ways to help your children to get familiar with water – even if they’re not ready to go near it yet. They might ask questions like, “Mummy, what’s that?”

This is a great opportunity to explain what swimming is, how it takes time to learn, and when they’ll begin taking classes with other children. Make it something they’re curious about, not something they’re afraid of.

At Baby Vegas, we’re committed to helping you educate your children about water safety through water, develop their skills, and have fun. Because every Aussie kid is a natural water baby.

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