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Why It’s Important to Give Your Children Non-Toxic Toys

Your child’s toy collection grows fast, especially around the holidays. Aunts, uncles, friends and Father Christmas usually give toys and, soon enough, there’s more than your kids ever need.

And while this might seem like a nice problem to have, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. This means focusing on a small, yet curated, collection with toys that are safe and non-toxic.

Toxicity in toys isn’t a topic that gets explored enough, so it’s timely with Christmas coming up to be proactive about the items you need, rather than accepting just any gift. Because toy safety goes beyond what they read on the label, such as ‘for children three and above.’

Your kids play with their toys everyday and a lot of the time, with young ones, toys end up in mouths. Make sure you know what these toys are made of because there are many toxins, especially in cheap products.

What to Look Out for When Choosing (or Recommending) Toys?

The toxins you need to avoid include PVC, BPA, BPS, heavy metals, phthalates, polyethylene terephthalate and, ironically, fire retardants. It’s hard to believe these dangerous components are in so many kids’ toys, particularly those bought from large department stores.

These harmful toxins can be ingested, inhaled and even transferred by touch, all of which can lead to endocrine disruption, developmental delays, and a lot of other health issues. The simplest way to avoid this? Avoid cheap toys. You know the ones we mean – the ‘Happy Meal-style’ toys.

Know where your toys come from. If this means preparing a list of specific brands and models for your family, this is the best approach. This way, they’re consciously buying items that a) you need and b) are safe.

Pick a reputable store where you know the products are safe, ethically produced, and eco-conscious. Smaller, niche stores and websites with independent producers (who list materials). Look for soft toys with natural fillers and make sure the paints, dyes and treatments are non-toxic, too.

If you’re buying wooden toys, avoid plywood or toxic glues. Is the toy plastic? Choose recycled products. Do your research first and look beyond labelling. Learn about the company and the makers that you’re buying from.

The Baby Vegas toys range is known for its quality-made products that you won’t find in chain stores. Our BEAD MAZE brand, for example, have non-toxic wooden products finished with lead-free paint.

Buy safe-consciously with Baby Vegas.

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