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5 Tips for Flying With Your Kids

Doing anything with children in tow can be a tedious experience; this is especially true for travelling by air. Whether you are taking a trip across state or across the globe, children have lots of needs, wants and equipment to get through the trip. Before you book your next family holiday and take to the […]

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Tips for Road Tripping With Your Kids

As parents, most of us understand that children can be a handful. This is true throughout everyday life and all the fun activities that we love to do with our kids. If you are planning a road trip with your children, you’ve probably discovered that long drives and traveling with children can present some additional […]

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The Best Backpacks for the Artsy Child

While many parents are familiar with the wealth of sporting goods bags on the market for hauling balls, nets, shoes and other gear, many may not realise the benefit of arts and crafts backpacks which are becoming very popular for keeping your child organised and minimising mess. What to Look for in an Art Backpack The […]

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Crystals and Volcanoes! Engage Your Child with Science

We all know that there are millions of toys available on the market today. In fact, Baby Vegas sells a wide array of what’s available including soft toys, outdoors toys, toys for infants – you name it. The possibilities for entertaining your child at home are truly endless. However, if your child is difficult to […]

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The Importance of Tactile Toys to Infant Development

Toys are an important aspect of your child’s sensory development. Babies are born with millions and millions of neurons, and these neurons are constantly sending messages to the brain about the environment. The more learning opportunities you offer your baby, the greater their ability to understand their world becomes. Tactile toys will capture your baby’s […]

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Wooden Toys: A Classic Way to Encourage Imagination

No doubt when you’ve been out shopping for your little one you’ve noticed just how many toys contain some type of electronic devices. While some toys merely make sounds to entertain your little one, others offer simple computer games to stimulate problem solving skills. However, sometimes the original models are the best option. Classic wooden […]

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Ready, Set, Go: Great Ride On Toys for Your Little Mover

Once your little one is mobile, it’s time to think about ride on toys. These types of toys offer a wide range of benefits including helping your child master coordination and balance. Trikes and bikes can also help your child develop independence. But these aren’t the only benefits of ride on toys for your toddler. […]

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The Importance of Imaginative Play for Children

Most children prefer to spend their days in front of a computer or video game console instead of going outside to play. Even infants and toddler have imitation tablets and laptops modeled after the adult versions. What most kids and parents do not realize is that some of the best games do not even require […]

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