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Toys that Stimulate Babies Brains & Grow Their Learning

A lot of how we act and what we think is ingrained in us from a young age. The way we hold our pen. The feelings we have towards Christmas or birthdays. The way we share our belongings (or don’t share). It all goes back to how we’re raised.

Children learn naturally, through doing something or observation. It’s never too early to start their learning. Toys are a great way to stimulate babies brains, in between all the things they’ll pick up, even just being around other people – like that toy is meant to be pushed or picked up.

Skill teaching using toys

There are plenty of fun ways to engage your baby that’ll have important long-term benefits for their development. Just because they can’t move around yet doesn’t mean the learning can’t begin. Simply playing with them and being in the same space helps to build a vital bond with your baby – and add a few toys into the mix for sensory stimulations.

Make the most of your little bubba’s awake time by giving them space to wiggle and move around. Buy a blanket and place it on a flat surface. Babies love black and white objects because babies can’t see colour for three months. Put these close by for the baby to focus on. A shaking rattle is another toy that can be used in this space.

So, put an activity mat and a rattle or music-playing device on your shopping list. Mobiles are also another great toy. One of our popular products is the Deer Baby Mobile. With it’s pink and brown deers with floral accents, this mobile is great for nurseries.

Babies will always have one toy that they grow attached to (heaven forbid if you ever lose it). Whether it’s a teddy or something more unique like our striped monkey that makes sounds, ensure that this cry-stopping toy is made with a soft, gentle fabric.

While your baby might not be at the stage of picking things up yet, it’s important to start to introduce colours, shapes, sizes, and visual perception. Something like building blocks are a great toy to achieve this. Babies put things in their mouth, a lot. It’s just another way that they learn. A soft book can perk up the little ears with its crinkle and squeak sounds and promote tactile exploration with its textures. The bright colours will stimulate their vision and the teether corner soothes their sore gums. Look for toys like this that have multiple functions.

Whatever you’re looking at, think about stimulating the different senses.

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