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How toys can help children learn

With Christmas coming around fast, you’re probably starting to think about your Christmas present list – both what you want and what you need to get. If you’ve got children, nieces, nephews, goddaughters, godsons or a close friend with a rug rat, toys are a way to their heart.

Become their favourite this Christmas by getting the present right. And we don’t mean an iPad or one of those trendy items. Sure, it might make them the coolest kid in class, but there are toys that double as entertaining and educational. You don’t have to choose between the two.

The importance of toys

Kids love toys because they’re fun, of course. But it’s also because they like to take control and ownership of their own actions. This is great because toys are critical to childhood development. They help kids to discover the world they live in.

At Baby Vegas, we have smart toys for every age. So if your toddler loves playing with your iPhone, don’t give in. There’s a difference between what they like and need. Luckily, there are toys available to cater for both.

Babies, for example, are eager to learn about the world. Every shape, colour, taste, texture and word is a learning experience for them. Give your bubs toys that stimulate their senses, like rattles that make music or toys with contrasting colours. Objects such as blocks will develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

For toddlers, they need toys that continue to develop their motor skills, such as Lego blocks. Toys that encourage walking are a great idea as well as they start to move more. They’ll also start to learn the names of things, so picture books are great at this age.

Pre-schoolers begin learning language skills, letters and numbers. Give your child a head start by introducing them to simple alphabet puzzles and number charts. Colouring books, playsets, drawing boards, basketball rings and kitchen sets are at the top of a toddler’s present list.

Listen to what they tell you. Are they interested in a certain cartoon character or movie? If you can find themed toys in line with this, they’re likely to spend more time playing… and learning.

Learn by playing

We sell arts and craft kits, outdoor toys, dress-up costumes, pretend play toys, puzzles,games and educational charts. The cool thing is, they’ll be learning and won’t even realise it.

You’ll probably have just as much fun, too.

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