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The Importance of Creativity in a Child’s Bedroom

Kids have a natural, innate sense of imagination. They see objects from a fresh, unfiltered perspective. A table and tablecloth are just that. They’re a fort. A hiding space. A barrier against us and the enemies.

A bed isn’t just something to sleep on. It’s the ‘gateway’ to the clouds. While kids are naturally imaginative, it’s important to encourage it. Make space for it around the home.

Allow your kids to be, well, kids, and enjoy the process of creation. By letting them express themselves without limitations, they’ll develop into well-rounded individuals – mentally, socially and emotionally. It’ll also help boost their ability to analyse and problem solve.

Don’t worry if there’s a mess. Chances are, there will be. Prepare for it and avoid giving direction. Free play is more needed now than ever before. If your child is drawing, don’t suggest changes or alterations. Children need to feel that their creation is enough. But, it’s okay to explore your child’s process. Encourage conversation by simply saying, “tell me what you made” or “did you have fun?”

Theme or no-theme. Decorate your kid’s bedroom.

You’ve probably got the playroom and outdoor area sorted but what does their bedroom look like? There’s probably nowhere more important to reflect imagination than where they wake up and sleep.

If you’ve got a toddler who has an affinity with animals, why not turn your child’s bedroom into a jungle-themed space? Use bright colours, lots of soft animal toys, and hang greenery off the walls. You can go as simple or extravagant as you want. A few toys should set the scene or go all out with ‘jungle hideaways’ and painted murals.

Love to paint and not precious about the current colour? Let your kids draw on the wall. If you create a controlled area, like drawing outlines on the wall for them to colour in, this is an awesome way to entertain your child’s imagination.

With imagination, you really can’t go wrong. Focus on the things your child loves and let them be individuals.

There are no limits to imagination.

Need help decorating your child’s bedroom? Add a few cool items to the space like character toys, pretend play, educational and behavioural charts. Have fun with it.

Are they waking up a lot at night? Put luminous star and moon stickers on the ceiling and tell your child they keep away monsters. This is a chance for you to exercise your creativity, too.

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