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Dinosnores CD Sleep & Relaxation Stories – Mermaid

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Snuggle up in the warm sand, little mermaid, and learn how to relax your body ready for sleep. If your little one needs help winding down at the end of the day, the answer is Dinosnores Sleep Stories. These award winning CD’s provide 60 minutes of stories and soundscapes to relax your child and help them fall asleep.

Designed by childcare and child language experts, Dinosnores stories and soundscapes use relaxation and visualisation techniques to take kids on an imaginative journey, with calming vocal rhythms and soothing natural sounds.

Well little Mermaid, you’ve had a very busy day.

All your swimming and splashing among the rocks and waves, waving your mermaid tail to and fro.
But now little mermaid, it’s time to slow down to calm down and rest. To make sure you’re ready for another busy day of swimming, and splashing, tomorrow.

What’s the soundscape?

A sleepy little mermaid snuggles up in the sun-warmed sand and shells, listening to the ocean waves. Natural sounds of Southern Right Whales in the distance – recorded off the coast of Argentina!


  1. You’ve had a very busy day
  2. Closing your eyes
  3. Lying down, in the warm, soft sand and shells
  4. Quiet and still
  5. Breathing in slowly, then out slowly
  6. Snuggled up with all your family
  7. Feeling very heavy and relaxed
  8. Wrapped up warm, in your long flowing hair
  9. Imagine swimming in the glittery, sparkly water
  10. Feel it flowing down your little mermaid body, and your swishy little mermaid tail
  11. Drifting with a cloud of your bright little friends
  12. Watching all the sea creatures in the shallow water
  13. Hearing the sounds of whales in the deep ocean
  14. Listening, very hard, to the splash and swish of each special wave
Soundscape – waves recorded at Fairlight Beach, Australia  
Vocals by Soo!  

Recommended for ages 3-9


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