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How You Can Encourage Your Child’s Imagination

Curiosity and imagination. These are two of the things that are synonymous with children. This is a time for building forts under tables and turning into favourite superheroes.

You might have heard the Einstein saying: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” And, he’s right. It’s the doorway of possibilities. It’s a mindset that believes anything and everything is possible. It’s where creativity and thinking outside the box begin.

We believe that there’s a place for imagination no matter how old we are (but especially for children). That childlike attitude is something that should be celebrated and encouraged. And there’s plenty of ways to fire your child’s imagination.

Just imagine…

There’s plenty of ways that you can help your child’s imaginative development. Start simple by telling stories, creating art, using everyday materials and turning them into something, and fostering creative spaces.

Let’s take storytelling, for example. Kids learn from that one-on-one connection, as you pass wisdom onto them. Telling stories is the foundation of developing their imagination and you can do this easily, every day. You probably do this without even realising.

Why not make it interactive and have fun with your storytelling. Have your child spend 15 minutes picking three or four objects from around the house. When they bring them back to you, your job is to tell your child a story about each object. Talk about where it came from, who made it, and why you bought it. Then, depending on their age, ask them to tell you a story.

Going for a car ride? Create a game to use this time to teach them something. See what they notice in a game of I Spy. Sing songs or get into the spirit of rhyming. The important part of the game is to tap into your child’s imagination – while having fun, of course.

As parents, we know the importance of imagination for creativity and development. But life gets busy and it’s not always easy to plan fun games that help stretch their boundless minds.

This is where we come in.

At Baby Vegas, we specialise in unique kids toys that nurture the mind of an imaginative child. Whether it’s arts and crafts kits, dress-up costumes or pretend play toys, you can find hundreds of different options with us. We’ve curated a list of cool brands that aren’t readily accessible on mainstream chain websites.

For your little dreamers (and the big kids) of the family, you’re in for a toy treat.

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